our story
dongao888 was established in 2017. Over the years, our company has grown from two people to over 150. Our world is filled with bold colors, diy dollhouses and whimsical characters - our goal is to create quality products that bring beauty to everyday life.

our appearance
dongao888's hand-painted inserts, accessories, and DIY dollhouses are the core of dongao888. From designing her own home decor and crowds, her love of home, accessories, and DIY dollhouses has transformed into the idea of creating a brand like no other.

Our brand Dongao 888
Adhere to honest pricing and will not deceive any consumer. The support of every consumer is our driving force. We insist on innovation and insist on bringing good shopping experience to customers.

our vision
We may start out as a toy company, but we have pretty big ideas for where we want to be over the next 10 years. Add new decorations to your home, colorful shoes to your feet...we hope you will follow in our footsteps and come up with ideas to brighten your world.

"I started the brand and created products that I love and take pride in using. Years later, I still feel that way. What gives me the greatest joy is hearing about the joy our products bring to people, or encouraging those people in need.

"Dongao 888"

our products
As a company, we consider every detail of our products. This means assembling products by hand in our warehouses, owning our own factories, and some might even say we are obsessed. It is our passion and goal to produce quality products that we use ourselves and exceed your expectations.

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You can find method information at the bottom of our website. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


Email: support@dongao888.com

Email: support@dongao888.com